A design system for the decentralized web

Build great decentralized user experiences

Lorikeet is a design system with React components, UI/UX guidelines and motion tools for building pleasant and performant interfaces. While the UI components can be used on any React app, we are focused on improving the UX challenges of the decentralized web.

Modular component library

Pick what you want to use without bloating your codebase

Decentralized UX patterns

Establishing user-centric UX patterns for decentralized apps

Performant react components

Hand optimized performance, high code quality React components

Smooth motion & animations

Best practices motion design for interactions and transitions

Easily extensible

Build your own components to extend functionality

Clean UI design

Clean UI design that is easily themable for your app and brand

Open source contributions

Lorikeet is licensed with MIT License. Maintained by @bpierre and @dharmaone and backed by @AragonProject, it is a community project with many amazing contributors from around the world. Thank you to everyone, and a warm welcome to new contributors

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